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Funeral & Janaaza Services

The ICC runs its own cemetery and performs the washing, funeral prayer and burial according to the Islamic rulings.

Funeral Arrangements:

  • Contact Sandy Greenley, The Angels Burial, at (480) 962-6435.
  • To have the deceased buried in the Islamic Cemetery, you will need to fill out the cemetery registration form along with the fee for the washing and burial which is $1,800.
  • The ICC Cemetery is located at 21564 N. Rahma St. Maricopa City, AZ 85239 [Directions] [Map].
During One's life
  • To make sure that no autopsy is performed on the body, a person needs to sign a Funeral and Burial Rites Form stating that no autopsy shall be performed on their body unless it is extremely mandated by law. Such a Form needs to be filled and signed by the concerned person during their life to prevent unnecessarily autopsying their body when they pass away.
  • A person is encouraged to write a will. Some helpful resources are included below.
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